DIY Speaker Designs :: Karillon gen purpose 2x12 cab

Historical Basic Cab, used by Caroline and Sensation Disco's in the 70's. Build Your own.

This twin 12" cabinet was covered with Vynide, had a pair of bar handles on the sides. All corners can be rounded and metal corner protectors used. 4 large rubber feet should be fitted to the base and a cloth covered 1/2" batten frame fitted inside the front recess to protect the speakers which are rear mounted. A standard 1/4 jack panel on the rear prived connection, tip of jack is speaker positive. A dish may be used here if you want to include 'speakon' connectors.

Karillon 2x12 cab

  Click on the Plan to see a Full Size copy. (pdf format)
LS Cabs--click for bigger picHere you can see the cabs as originally made.Bottom of pic is the 2x18 and small thing on left is a single 12 (RSC cab)



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